Short stories or chapters may be a more accurate term for these writings, but we still refer to them as the Newsletters. By 1997 my pottery business was five years old. I sold my work by participating in art festivals and I had developed a loyal clientele. Every year I would see the same customers and I began to consider those customers as friends. In 1998 the turmoil created by losing my husband to cancer, shortly after moving from Colorado to Arkansas, left me unable and unprepared to participate in upcoming art shows. Through my art, I had become a part of my customer's lives and I believed I owed them an explanation for my absence. That was the first letter. In 1999 I was reunited with my high school sweetheart, Billy Minter, and I wanted to share my good news. That was the 2000 letter. We hope you enjoy the story.

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I did not write a newsletter this year. Instead, I completely re-worked the GALLERY section in the website We hope you enjoy the changes.